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3 Mar 2011

Stephen Hawkings Football Boots....

(Me and Ben in Hurn last year...very good times)
I think I'm gunna start each blog now with a random picture.
Dont ask about the title,I called it that I just couldnt think of a better name.
So things have been....OK lately. Ups and downs. But overall I'm good. Been catching up with this uni work as well as I can but I'm still a bit behind. Need to get really stuck in one day and just go flat out trying to get as much done as possible, eliminating all distractions, no TV, no facebook, no food, no breathing, but maybe a little music. Speaking of music, I'm currently listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".... what ever happened to that guy anyway? hmm...

I had a phone interview yesterday with a company that I'm looking to work for next year for my placement. They're Borro.com, you may have seen a few of their ads on webistes. Basically they are the worlds largest online pawnbroker. People send them assets such as a car, jewellery, watches etc and they store that securely until you pay back the money that they lend you. If you dont then I'm afraid you're not seeing your Nissan Micra again. Which could be fortunate. Mind you I'd love a car right now because travel is costing me a bomb, rail fares are going up, fuel prices are increasing so the bus and coach fares are follwing suit. I mean I ramble to the yanks about how their country has so many things wrong with it, but if i could change something here then it would be the transport infrastructure. I mean they're all for us using mass transport to reduce CO2 emmisions but they just dont make it a good alternative when the prices are so high. Dericulous.

If I was David Cameron (with my little bitch Cleg) I'd do the following...

1. Get the hell outta afghanistan instantly. Every last British troop sent home. You want defence cuts? Then stop wasting your ammunition, arms, vehicles and other resources on a pointless war, not to mention the lives you're wasting. My aim would to just hire an Afghan dude to just walk around for a year and look for potential places where Osamy Boy could be hiding, then its simples...run in there with a backpack and blow the hell outta them. Taste of their own medicine me thinks, and a taste of their own blood.

2. Stop education cuts and tuition fee increase. Now my pet puppy Cleggy promised ya'll that this increase wouldnt happen, yet he layed down and let it whilst Cameron tickled his belly. BAD CLEGGY! This is ridiculous. I know a load of my friends have moaned at me for opposing it because it wont directly affect me. Maybe not directly, but later it might. As it stands we pay just over £3,000 a year which is paid back after we earn over £15k a year. Under the new scheme, you pay up to £9,000 a year which is paid back after you earn £21k a year. People say "well yeah its an increase, but i'll have to be earning more before i have to pay it back" fine, but what about those who dont reach that £21k a year goal, and those who leave the country? You've not only set the pay-back scheme harder on the governments pocket, but you've raised the amount that wont get paid back. Then we're in a higher deficit. But you just keep gnawing on that bone Cleggy.

3. Scrap APD. (Air Passenger Duty) This does my head in, and it's this sort of thing that will be the downfall of a beautiful town like Bournemouth. Air travel is going up and up, and we know what's going to suffer then dont we? The tourism industry, something that this town and many like it thrives upon. You want to help the economy? Then get more people over here to spend money in this country, you cant do that if you're charging people way too much to just get here. I personally think it could be a sly way of preventing emmigration out of here, "We'll hike the prices, so even if they can get out of here, they'll be penniless so they'll come crawling back."...maybe not quite like that. But the govenment has to start looking at things like the Tourism industry if shoreside towns like this are to continue to thrive as they have done in the last half a century.

4 Switch to AV. FPTP isnt fair and it isnt representative of the whole nation. I'm sorry, maybe AV isnt perfect but it's a damn sight better than FPTP. End of.

So there we go, thats my manifesto. If you agree then by all means vote...all you have to do is send £10 in a sealed envelope to my address and your vote will be lodged. For those of you wondering who I'll vote for in the next election. I'm completely neutral at the moment, I'm waiting for someone to show me an acutal reason to vote for them now, I want to see results, not false promises, flashy suits and Cleggy wagging his tail.

Controversial, but politics always is.

Hope i've got my keys because I'm blogged out....pun based comedy there...

Until next time bloggeriffic blog bloggies....

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