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24 Feb 2011

Happy Talk...

Right, enough moaning. Grumble grumble...I realise I've sounded a lot like how Alex Ferguson would sound if he ever lost his Wrigleys Extra. My apologies to those who are fed up of this...grumble grumble.

But no I've been a lot happier lately. I've gone back to Uni where my tutor has granted me some extensions on my work so I have a lot less stress from that. Nontheless I really need to pick up the pace on this work if im going to catch up. I've been working a lot at the co-op lately, more shifts = more money = more fatigue = more sleep = less work done = more stress = more food (for comfort) = less money = more shifts. Perfect cycle right? Thinking of selling that concept to the Tour de France. But I'm going to try and stay positive. If I can get this work done ASAP, then a huge chunk of that cycle is taken out...the brakes, now I can freewheel all I like. How's that for a philosophical pun eh?

And now an announcement: My fellow bloggers, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I recently expressed my desire to go to America during April to visit my girlfriend. Unfortunately this will not happen for a number of reasons; firstly I don't think i'll be able to get the money in time, I could ask to borrow some off people, but that's not fair. Whilst I know that I can pay it back, I wouldn't want that pressure. Secondly, I cant get the time off work, Easter means all the oldies get first dibs on holidays as they have kids, although my new shotgun and youth luring puppies will put an end to that... I'm kidding of course...probably. Finally I'd miss my Mum's birthday, something that has happened too many times now, be it because I've been in Spain, Russia or some other place. So I'm determined to get at least 2 days off work to get home for that.

Instead of going over there I've told my Sarah that I'll give her some money for her birthday to pay for a substancial chunk of her flights. It's only fair, she pays so much to get over here, and she's going to be my birthday present when she gets here in June. So thats my plan for now. Heck, only 104 days to wait...it's not long, infact I anticipate that fuel will only be £7.84 a litre by then. Yes that right, time is now no longer measured in days, but by the latest fuel prices. Satire.

There you go Bloggeriffic Blog Bloggies.

Hope thats a better one for you.

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