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19 Feb 2011

Back in Town...

Hey guys, sorry that I havent written for a while, it's been a pretty hectic week, travelling back and forth between Bournemouth and Cambridgeshire, attending my Grandfathers funeral and ofcourse preparing for Sarah's departure from here.

So we went back to Cambs last weekend but then headed back on Monday to sort a couple of things and see my 3rd housemate Ben who is back from Barcelona for a while, its been good seeing him, he makes this house a lot more entertaining, fun and lively. Once i got back I was faced with a £220 gas bill for us all to split, there was a bit of conflict between me and one of my housemates as he refused to pay the full amount, heck thats fine, but if he's going to be that pinnickty about it then I really couldnt care, he either pays up or spends the year living with people who really dont like him, which isnt that far from the truth already. I don't understand some people, they seem bent on making things as awkward as possible, they show little presence in your life, little worth, little meaning, but they can cause a lot of stress, anger and just plain annoyance in our lives. However, my view is that it is those who will be left alone in life, who people will avoid, who people will laugh about when then think about them later in life ... therefore I kind of pity them.

The funeral of anyone you know is never nice, but it can bring some good in different ways. Maybe I didnt word that right, it sounds quite horrible but the point i'm making is that it gave dozens of family members a chance to see each other again. I saw people in my family that I hadn't seen in over 10 years, I saw people that I had forgot even existed. There again I do have a huge family, but it was nice to see all my cousins again. Whilst repetitive it does feel good to explain to each one what my current life situation is. Then you find those who haven't done so much with their lives since I last saw them, hey nothing wrong with that, each to their own. Some like hard core techno, others prefere to slowdance through life. Sad to say goodbye to my Grandad though, I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked before he died, he was bedridden for a good while, but as crap as an excuse as it sounds, RAIL TRAVEL is costing a bomb for me at the moment, £100 to get home in some cases, i just dont have that money. But I was there to commemorate his death with my family, I'm glad I got to be there for that.

Today is the second worst day of the last 2 months, tomorrow will be by far the worst. For those
who have heard me whining these last few weeks, you'll know that it's because my beautiful girlfriend Sarah is leaving to go back to America again. We're optimistic, hopefully she'll be back by June but we'll see. Me and her both know that we're going to break down in Heathrow airport tomorrow, it's going to kill me to see her walk through security and know that that will be the last few seconds I will actually see her physically for months. Considering she's been by my side every single day for 60 days, my life is going to seem so different without her here. I wont be able to ride a bus, cook dinner, watch a film or even fall asleep without thinking of her. It's going to feel very lonely for me for a while. But this day was always going to come, just came a little too fast for my liking.

But enough moaning. It's time that I looked forward on my life ahead rather than looking back on what I've had. These 2 months have been absolutely incredible and I have memories to last a lifetime. I know that I can live with the girl that I love and I intend to do so in the future. She's the thing thats made me happier than anything else in my life. I share everything with her, and I want to find new ways of making her happy. I'll start thinking of that the second she leaves.

I'm sure I'll end up writing a blubbery blog tomorrow when I'm in despair about her absence, but every day brings me closer to her again.

To all my family, thank you for you support and care, thank you for being the best family I could ask for.

To all my friends and co-workers, thank you for keeping me laughing and for making me feel like I have a really decent life.

To my beautiful Sarah, thank you for being the most amazing, beautiful, caring, sweet, loving and fun girlfriend in the world, thank you for being my best friend.

And to all my bloggeriffic blog bloggies....thank you for listening

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