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8 Feb 2011

Bad News...

Well guys and gals I was hoping to write you a new upbeat blog about whats been going on and what fun things i've been up to. Unfortunately late yesterday evening I received the unfortunate news that my Grandfather has passed away. It's a very sad time for me and my family, especially my Mum. Therefore I have decided to move my return back home to Cambridgeshire forward to either Wednesday or Thursday of this week to support my Mum. I've spoken to my University Tutor and will speak to those at work tomorrow so no problems arise due to my absence. I feel so terrible that all this has happened now, I feel bad for my beautiful Sarah too as I cant see us having too much to do until I know that everything will be ok with my family.

I'll see you all soon and hope you understand why I'm going home.

All the best my bloggeriffic blog bloggies.