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5 Feb 2011


To those who have started to keep up to date with my life through the blogosphere, I apologise for my lack of posts lately, i've just been so busy. Here's why...

Ok so last weekend I took my beautiful Sarah back to Cambridgeshire again to see my family and to go and watch the local pantomime (which I used to be in for 4 years), it was so good, but I really miss doing it, the thrill of making people laugh doing stupid things is much more exciting when on a stage. I met up with all the old cast and crew afterwards and I felt like a filmstar, they all came to say hi, asked how I was doing and said that they wished I could return. They put on a fantastic show and I just want to say well done, it was brilliant, plus Sarah loved it.

We got back and the week was pretty normal, although me and Sarah were planning to do something really magical for Valentines Day such as travelling to France for a few days but we've decided that its simply too expensive and there isnt enough time to plan it, so we're going to save the money and hopefully head back to Cambridgeshire again next weekend to see my family and also will hopefully be joined by my eldest sister Claire who now resides with my Dad in Spain. It's so strange how you can grow up with people, seeing them everyday of your life and not bat an eyelid, but once they leave home, you really look forward to the next time you see them. I love my family, they support me so well and I can have such a good time with them, I just hope that nothing will ever come between me and my family.

So Sarah and I have been getting upset a lot lately because we know we're on the back nine of her time here, 2 months will soon be up and i'll be sat with her on that coach to Heathrow again soon, it's going to kill me. I'm so used to waking up next to her every morning now, holding her hand when walking to the shop and coming home after work to a huge hug. I was so upset last time she left and that was after only 2 weeks of being together, Christ knows how I will be this time...(strike that...Christ knows bugger all because he is dead and has no supernatural powers, contrary to what some vastly edited book may have millions of idiots believe). But I keep reminding her that once she leaves then the process begins again, getting her over here.

On the topic of false beliefs, there are those out there who believe that if they do wrong then they simply have to bide their time and just wait for things to 'blow over' and will never issue an apology. To those people i say thats fine, but done expect anything from me, if you act unjustly towards me and you are fully aware that you have then unless you apologise and actually attempt to make amens then you can forget any tie with me. It makes you a much stronger person to apologise than to do nothing, strength or lazyness - your choice.

Didnt want to be nagging with negativity but I'm just fed up of these kind of people bullying others into thinking its their way or no way. Democracy lives, so does justice, reason and honesty, lets try and enforce it.

Right, quite a long blog I know, but im making up for the past week of absence. So until next time bloggeriffic blog bloggies....

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