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26 Jan 2011

2 days off...

So I have today and tomorrow to do anything I want or absolutely nothing...if thats what I want. I'm glad that a couple of workmates came round my house after work last night, was a laugh spending time with them and my housemates, just hope they weren't too put off by the state of my house. You never notice it when you're at home with your parents, the house seems clean and tidy pretty much 24/7, but spend 1 day without them and somehow you've elected to live in the rubble of Baghdad.

I'm so happy that I still have so long left here with my girlfriend, she's made every second here much more fun. I'm rarely bored now and its just really nice to have someone to be with, it's nice to share your life with someone. I'm sure she feels the same...either that or she's trying to crack the code to my safe to get to her passport.

Really need to buckle down and try and tie down a work placement for next year, its quite exciting I suppose but I just hope i can get a decent range of companies that I'd like to work for, and no, the Co-op wont be one of them. I do like working there, but i'm looking for a little better pay than £6.10 an hour, make it £7 and we'll talk, but until then i'll keep looking.

Until next time bloggeriffic blog bloggies...

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