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24 Jan 2011

Lets Begin....

Ok guys so this is my first blog. I started this for 2 reasons, firstly one of my newest Markting assignments is to start a blog (sounds easy right...I doubt it) but dont worry, that will be a different blog to this as i'm sure that the few of you who do come and read this wont always be interested in Digital Communication Strategies.

Secondly, I also started this because someone who I know started one of these a while ago, and I just loved reading theirs everytime they updated it, it was really interesting to just be able to see a different side to a person for once, rather than just what they say to other peoples faces, i find that this is a much better way of expressing yourself.

Let me get you up to speed then, heres the current situation in my life in simple list form:

-Bournemouth University
-Marketing (Second Year)
-Amazing Yankee Girlfriend - 7 Months
-Home - Cambridgeshire
-Dad's Home - Spain
-Supports Newcastle United
-Lives with Ben, Marco and Ricky (and my girlfriend until 20th Feb)
-Love making people laugh - Home of Witty Banter XD
-I'm David Honour the 4th
-I work at the Co-Op across the street
-Berry not Apple

Thats just a little bit of info, but hopefully you'll learn more as i blog :)

So heres the deal, YOU read what I write, and in return you get amazing blogs often with amazingly witty quips and jaw-dropping nuggets of info that i'm sure you're just dying to know.

Until my next one...

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