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7 Mar 2011

Gits and Shiggles...

(Hospital after Ben dislocated his shoulder) Well hey there, hope you like the few changes I've made to the lay out of the blog. I got bored and I though this looked a little better.

I've also stopped the italics because SOMEONE complained...thank you Captain Charisma!

So work work and more work, that seems to be all I ever blog about, but that's pretty much all I've been up to. Not got much done today though as I've not been feeling great. Ho hum, moving on...

So I've been reminiscing lately about old times with old friends. I was thinking about 2 good friends of mine who are now at a different Uni who I spent most of my final few years at school with. We had some brilliant times together, notably making rubbish podcasts together in our spare time, we knew nobody else would listen but they made us laugh. I still have them all on my laptop and I listened to them today. Very funny guys. If you're reading, I salute you. Sadly we've moved on with our lives now and I havent seen them for at least 9 months and don't know when I'll see them again. But at least I have those podcasts to remember those times by.

Speaking of friends moving on, Ben has informed me that he's not going to be in this house much for the rest of the year, he's moved back to Barcelona, got a job and has a summer job lined up in America. Moreover he's thinking of changing University next year because he wants to do a course that BU doesnt offer. Good for him. I'm glad he's taken that initiative to move forward with his life. It does suck for me though because he's been a really good friend and someone that I cant replace. But I wish him all the best and hope he'll pop back soon.

Sarah's got herself a job in Yanksylvania, at a supermarket...hey dont make fun because I work in a supermarket...well kinda...more of a convenience store. But we're still "Gud with Fud" ;) The co-op has been getting interesting lately, people threatening to quit, others being disciplined and anxiety over mystery shoppers. JESUS CHRIST!!! ITS A BLOODY SHOP!! I don't understand why everyone is getting so up tight over it all, its a tiny shop yet everyone is so stressed about it all of the time, seriously get a grip and just get on with your work.

Went to the casino with Dave and Jon from work last night to spend Daves free bets, it wasnt really a successful night for any of us, but thats part and parcel of going to a casino. I feel sorry for that casino, they must hate taking peoples money, but i'm sure they're responsible and spend that money ethically....like Barclays. BAZOW!!

Right well im off to try and get some more work done if this headache doesnt kill me, I dont know why i've got it...maybe it has something to do with me pissing Ashley Cole off while on my work experience, massive bruise, started red, but now gone blue... you know what thats like dont you Fernando?

There you go, once again you must be left completely satisfied my bloggeriffic blog bloggies

Until next time...

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