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29 Mar 2011

A four legged car full of chips

Calum and Me in Cyprus, not sure why
we're in the kids play area...
Hello my little goose-monkeys.  Glad to see you're back, have you lost weight?  Let me start by saying that this post will nothing to do with a four legged car full of chips, I just like random titles.  Its Monday night so naturally its a brand new blog for you guys, they come out Monday and Friday nights, that way my week is chopped into nice little brain sized chunks.  Right...to the blogmobile Robin! 

(I apologise to all those who's name isn't Robin...you can still read this anyway) Right so I wasnt feelling great over the weekend.  I slept throughout most of Saturday, I think it was exhaustion from the lack of sleep, and the traveling from the day in Oxford before.  Either that or I went insect hunting and caught a bug.  Feeling ill isnt great is it?  It makes you appreciate things much better when you're well.  Not to fear though for I have a remedy for illness.  First, drink some cactus juice, it may taste fairly sharp but its will help you survive if for some reason you end up in a desert, global warming is always worse when you're ill.  Next get some vodka, gin and rum and tie them to the ceiling, this will lift your spirits.  After that you need to increase your iron intake, start with some creased shirts and then work onto the easier things like socks and shoes.  Untie those shells you've been keeping in the fridge, this will help to loosen your muscles.  Finally touch a bill for illegal parking and you should feel fine.  Simples.

Ok enough of the pun-ishment...for now.  Some people can't understand puns but I bloody love them.  Right so today I was sat in the lecture theatre, wearing my eager cap which looks rather snazzy.  Buzz buzz goes my phone, fortunately it was before the lecture started so I answered it.  It was one of my interviewers from Friday asking to speak to me, I told them that like some expired herbs that it was a bad thyme.  They said they'd ring back after my lecture.  And by golly they were true to their word.  I spoke to them a couple of hours later and they just asked me things like how I thought my interview went etc and what I was interested in working as in the company.  Chief Executive didn't go down well so I changed my answer to 'General plum who will do whatever for money".  Unfortunately that position was also already filled so we just moved on to the next topic.  At the end of the call they said "Expect a call very soon" so fingers crossed.  My interview on Friday must have gone well to get another call back, either that or its just a dirty mind trick, just like when I applied for that clock makers job, they wound me right up!  grr......little lion impression for you there.

Long live 111 HON
I really miss my car.  Its been a year a half since I last drove and my car went to the great garage in the sky...or scrapyard if you will.  It wasnt exactly a Rolls Royce but it was the most awesome car ever.  Those of you who ever rode in it will remember its many quirks from its extremely low roof to its wobbly speedometer.  I passed my test 1st time with 3 minors, people say its cheating to have 3 kids helping you but I dont care.  The first full day after I passed I drove my mates to Stevenage for my friend Lisa's birthday, it was a brilliant night.  Since then, my driving days were brilliant.  Never crashed, never caught speeding, never damaged it.  It was just old.  When it passed away I was very sad.  Putting it in the back of a hearse was a labour but it was small enough to just about fit.  The priest said that he had run out of gas for good (which was a lie, it was the catalytic converter).  But I miss being so mobile, I just have to make good with my legs now...how old fashioned.

I thought I'd write you a limmerick to end this blog, this is completely off the top of my head, so bare with me...

There once was a man named Clive
Who never had the nack to drive
He smashed his head
And ended up dead
Because the driver was his wife

A little sexism at the end there.  But like the Bible says...Thats all bloggeriffic blog bloggies!!

In Hurn if you lose by more than 5 goals at Fifa, this is your punishment...

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