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26 Mar 2011

Universe City

Yeah I'm an Aquabat :)

Howdy bloggy bambini's.  Glad to see you again.  Spose you're all dying to know how my last few days have gone, including my job interview in Oxford.  Well, sit back, relax, open a beer, look in the mirror to make sure you're not a vampire and enjoy yet another one of my divine entries.  Seriously, I think I have more frequent posts than the Royal Mail...controversial.

So Tuesday morning I met up with my other 2 team members for our presentation, we hearsed and re-hearsed to make sure it was as good as can be.  And to my surprise it went really well, the lecturer seemed keen on what we were talking about and I just hope it gets us a good grade.  If not then like a fat guy in a casino, it's no big deal.  I'll just run trampoline business, i'm sure that will help me bounce back.

Wednesday and Thursday I just worked and prepared for my interview.  Today was the day I went to it.  Got up at 6am, (thats 11pm in dog years), got a bus to the coach station and got on the coach which was freezing cold.  I was hoping to get some sleep on the 3 hours journey but oh no, the man sat behind me kept sniffing and sneezing like he was sat inside a giant pepper mill.  Plus these weren't any old sneezes they were the loudest sneezes I've ever heard, like "ATCHOO!!" <----- like that.  He got off at Southampton, much to my relief.  Unfortunately he was replaced by an Indian woman and her whiney kid, though he soon shut up and sat still (they say to only use the hammer in emergencies, but I really wanted to sleep), but then his mum started vomiting every 2 seconds, FOR 2 HOURS, thats 3,600 convulsions in total!  Not to worry though, once she was done she did the honourable and dignified thing of putting the very full bag of lunch liquid under her seat which then rolled in the gangway for everyone to see.  My blood was boiling, well it would have been if the coach wasnt so bloody cold!

After that I thought my day was going to go horribly wrong.  I now had 3.5 hours to kill as I didnt want to risk getting a later bus.  I popped into Phones 4 U and asked when I could get an upgrade.  45 mins later I got a new Blackberry, so that cheered me up.  I got something to eat and had a coffee whilst sorting what I was going to say and do in the interview.  I planned well ahead and booked a taxi to the place 30 mins before the interview, sounds good right?  Yeah, until you get the foreign driver who not only decided to give me sightseeing and tourist information for the whole journey, he took me to the wrong bloody place!! Fortunately, he also forgot to turn the meter on and asked for only a fiver so that was good.  I ran to where I needed to be and got my breath before heading in.  The interview itself went really well, I wont go into details but the people seemed friendly and the job is something I'd definately be interested in.  Plus, Oxford is such a beautiful city, I was jaw punched..... chin hit....gob smacked, thats the one.  Afterwards I rewarded myself by buying a very cheap, very good quality second hand Wii, simply because I miss playing Zelda on it so much.  Me mumbling to myself in a busy shopping centre "I really need a Wii!  I must have a Wii!" got some very strange looks.

So heres hoping that I get the job.  But I have a reversing strategy (or back-up plan if you will) incase it all goes down the pan.  First, I will fashion a new hat out of egg cups, cliche I know but hear me out.  I'll then sell the hat to rich businessmen, because you know how they are, they always want the latest thing, be it an iPad, a Porsche or tax increase.  They also pay big bucks for innovation, so not only will the hat be made of egg cups, but they will also be able to be solar powered.  So you can wear the hat without the need for pesky plugs and wires.  Handy dandy.

So chums, I, like an undershaved upperlip, must dash. Take it easy, new blog on Monday, no need to go all Al Qaeda on me.  Until then bliggeroffic blug bleggo's....

(sisters puppy Trouble Falls over himself)

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