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21 Mar 2011

Warrior of words

Guantanamo Bay's funding has been seriously cut
Welcome back friend.  Take a seat, I'll get Narinda to bring you a drink....Now, what can I do for you today?  A blog?  Well why didn't you say so...silly billy!

An assignment a day helps you work without rest or play.  But after 48 hours of non-stop work for uni and the co-op, I've got 2 assignments done.  Well, for the most part but I've got a presentation tomorrow...so still not completely stress free.  Still havent got a confirmed time for my interview on Friday, but I'm thinking of doing one of those radically over the top things to try and wow them.  You know like the story about the guy who was asked to sell the interviewer a glass of water, so he set his tie on fire.  I'm going to do something similar.  I'm going to wait until they ask me how well I can act under pressure, at which point I shall recite some of Les Miserables whilst being slowly steamrolled.  They must go for that...right?  Infact I'm so sure of it that I've already bought myself a new can of deodorant as a reward for myself.

Well, like a man called Ted covered in sauce made of egg, im exhausted.  I went to bed at 6am this morning, and arose from thy slumber at 9:30.  Went to uni, finished the work.  Submitted it and then came home and slept.  So not really that much to tell you about from today.  But that doesn't mean that you cant have your brain juices infused with joy from this blog anyway right?  Ha, of course I'm right, I'm David Honour, which translates from Thai to mean "He of little height".

So against Sarah's wishes I got my hair cut...FAR too short.  Stupid Barbers.  I speciffically asked for a number 5 clipper cut, not a 5 year old nipper cut.  I look ridiculously young.  I think that when I was born they must have spilt a whole vat of Olay Age Defying cream on me.  But this has it's benefits however.  Before I had my haircut, I was often employed to stand in Toy Shops pretending to be a plastic troll, its good pay, plus they give me all the Brylcreem I could want.  Secondly, looking young, means that the average perceived age of residents of Bournemouth has decreased dramatically.  Local councils have recognised this and have now removed many access ramps and replaced them with drug dealers, they're recognising the youth market for once, and it all helps the economy anyway.

I had a Chinese take away for dinner.  What I like about chinese take-aways, is that theres about a hundred items on the menu, all in their own little section, but the adjectives they use to describe them (often in the form of an Asian country or one of its provinces) prevent us from knowing what the hell it means, however I think that they're all the same anyway; Szechwan chicken, Singapore Chicken, Thai Red Chicken, Malaysia Chicken, Mongolian Chicken, and Peking Chicken, just means  'In sauce...usually spicy"  to me, just pick one, get a mate to pick another and you'll probably end up with the same dish.

Ok ok....you're brains overflowing with satisfaction...so much s that its leaking from your ears.  Like a reformed criminal, I know when I'm no longer wanted.

Take it easy Bloggeriffies

(When Holly couldnt find her milk in Hurn)


  1. this is one of my favorite videos!! its still good, even though I saw it a year ago!

    <3 your favorite American 'Megan'

  2. Haha, glad you like it. Hope everything is going well over there :)