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18 Apr 2011

Carpe Dentum - Seize the teeth

Best year of my life
Howdy!  Well I know you're anticipating the first video mesage that I've made.  Don't worry, it's here.  It's at the bottom of the blog, I hope you enjoy it, although you probably wont, it's just a bunch of randomness thats strangely cut together.  But then again, so is this blog and you keep returning to this dont you?  Silly gazebo!

Right, so as of 17:48:04 on 18th April 2011 I still do not know where I'll be living on my work placement!  If it turns out I'm in London then it's going to be hectic but interesting watching the city prepare for the Olympics, on the other hand, Oxford just built a new public toilet in the city centre, a big waste if you ask me.  Once I find out, you'll be the first to know (After my girlfriend and my family, naturally) so don't you fret!!  Silly clothespegs!

I am considering whether or not it would be feasible to become a ledgetarian.  This is someone who no longer wishes to stand on the floor easily, and prefers to stand on steps, footpath curbs, the edge of tables and tightropes.  I came up with the concept of ledgetarianism back in the '60s when I was walking along through a meadow and I tripped over.  The congregation of farmers ridiculed me for centuries and I've never gotten over that tourment.  Thusfore if I was to undertake becoming a ledgtarian, should I trip over again, I would fall off the ledge of wherever I was standing and could then blame my fall on the ledge itself, thus preventing myself from humilation and ego slaughter.  Not only that but it's always much more exhilarating to live life on the ledge.  Innovation.

Gotta love England
THE ROYAL WEDDING IS COMING!!  I've become such a patriot. "HEY!  Other countries!!  Do YOU have loads of bank holidays this month?!  No, didn't think so!  Ha!"  I've stolen flags from the BNP and put them in my windows, got a carboard cutout of Will and Kate in my bathroom so I can pretend that I am having a Royal toothbrushing every evening.  I've also bought a ginger wig and commonly pretend to be Prince Harry delivering his Best Man speech "I'm so delighted to be Billy boy's best man, me and this crazy cat used to spend hours playing Mario Kart together, and now he's marrying this fine piece of tottie!  Check you out Bro!!"  Would go down a treat.  I've even adopted 54 Corgi's to run around my garden in dedication to HRH, and re-dubbed my house Buckingham Pound.  Prince Charles is coming round later for a pint, think we're going clay gibbon shooting too.  He's such a laugh, get a few ales down him and he's running around with a traffic cone on his head all night. Chazza you legend!

So watch the vid, let me know what you think.  Quick mention to one of the finest young actors of his generation, Harry Butson.  You're hilarious buddy.  But to the rest of you, thanks for your support, until next time, instead of a single coco pop, its a cheerio for now.

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