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31 May 2011

Understand that friends come and go, but for the prescious few you should hold on...

This is how things were, not anymore unfortunately :/
Hello my blog buddies.  Thank you to all of you who have commented so nicely about this blog lately, it really means a lot.  Some people who I really didn't expect to take an interest in this blog have told me that they read it.  Thank you.  Still no sign of my Nobel Peace Prize for bringing world wide Nirvana to all who read this blog...bloody postal service!

First, a happy note.  It's my sister's birthday today.  She's 24 and whilst yes I did buy her a present, a set of unfortunate and purely coincidential and definately unplanned circumstances occurred yesterday.  First of all when getting on the bus to the coach station, in my haste I didn't check what bus I was on, too busy trying to guess the driver's nationality, hints of Polish, Czech and a tad Romanian...always a social faux pas to ask though.  So it took me all the way out of Bournemouth and then back in, whats more is it didn't even stop in the coach station so I had to get off at the next stop and run in order to catch my coach, and it was at this point that I realised that I'd left my sister's present at home.  Lady luck wasn't with me that day, but then again she hasn't been seen with me much lately anyway.  I think she's off with that guy who lives opposite my house...slut.  Don't worry though, my sister stopped crying and threatening to crucify me and we still had a good day.  Went to have lunch with relatives and then went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Cambridge for dinner.  Her birthday mainly was focussed around food.  Good for me though as I think student living has made my stomach shrink, so a good reverse liposuction is just what I needed.  Delightful day.

I'm not feeling too happy though.  I think it's the realisation that what you were told by your elders before you left school was true.  The friends you make at school will move on, and so will you.  I see my friends who all went to the same uni and some who are better connected all going off and doing stuff together.  I'm not angry, I'm not jealous.  But you do wonder what they think about it.  Do they remember you?  Did you make any difference to them?  I loved my friends from back then and I still hold them in high regard no matter how little they contact me.  They were a big part of my life and I think it would be silly to let that all go just because theres more miles between us.  If any of them are reading this then please don't think that I'm angry with you, it's just a sad time when you realise that those friendships are dying out.  One friendship I had...a really strong friendship, died about a year ago.  You know who you are, and I know you'll read this.  I'm glad you do.  I'm glad that you can still know what I'm up to.  I'm glad I can still make you laugh.  I try to talk to this person, but despite my efforts, I am rarely listened to.  Every now and then this person will do something, such as liking something I've said on facebook or replying to one of my efforts to talk to them, and it always makes me smile.  Something must have happened between us, but this person would never tell me what it was, not sure if I'll ever know.  Again, though, know that I'm not angry with you, you still mean something to me and I'll still be here if you do want to talk.  Nonetheless, all new friends must enter a legally binding agreement with me from now on including; (yes another number co-ordinated list)
  1. Friend must be present at all my birthdays, ballet recitals and funeral
  2. Friend must have no body odour, but must have an enchanting musk
  3. Friend must speak to me once a week, for a minimum of 48 hours.
  4. Should another rapture be imminent, they must be my rapture buddy.  They are required to take all beatings in Hell first to wear the torturer out.
  5. They must find some chatty, shopaholic girlfriend with a lot of cash to keep MY girlfriend busy while we're down the pub.
  6. They must remain my friend for a minimum of 1,640 years.
Good friends will be rewarded with a Honour Loyalty Card bonus of 50 points which will get you on your way to winning a George Foreman Grill.

Thats the dark side of my blog finished.  One full month left in Bournemouth now.  A lot's going to change over the next few months.  Looking forward to the summer ball though.  My girlfriend and I have decided to go as mimes.  Could be very fun.  Never again will I go into Primark and ask "where are you berets and white gloves?", the look I got off the assistant working there was ridiculous.  Luckily I found a French dentist who happened to have both, but was unwilling to part with them unless I invited him to the ball aswell.  Unfortunately my University is extremely ridiculous and refuses to let anybody with a hilarious accent to the ball, this includes Germans, French, Welsh and recent tonsillectomites.  So I'm still hunting for the gloves and beret.  I've decided to not allow any photo's to be taken of us as mimes, as everybody looks like a mime in a photo, defeating the object.  Also gunna have to make up some mime routines, such as filling in my self assessment tax return, getting a manicure. setting up deckchairs and shopping for mime costumes.  Should be a hoot, like it was when we dressed as owls.

Right this video was filmed last week but my laptop crashed and I lost the edit so I've had to start again.  You better appreciate it! Laters my friends :)

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